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DSDP/DD/DD 0.9 NewAndNoteworthy

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  • Features
    • Debugger Services Framework (DSF)
      • An implementation of the Eclipse 3.2 Debug Model Interfaces.
      • DSF is an extensible framework intended to be extended by commercial device software development tools vendors for their proprietary debug engines and target platforms. Work is on-going beyond the DD 0.9 release, and interested tools developers should engage in the project.
    • Traditional "embedded" memory view rendering
      • An implementation of the standard hex-based memory view look-and-feel found in most embedded debuggers.
      • The rendering is a fully-functional memory view rendering that can be included in any Eclipse debugger that utilizes the Eclipse Memory View and framework.
    • GDB debugger DSF implementation (preview only)
      • The GDB implementation of DSF is intended to provide the “Tool” component of the DD project. However, the GDB implementation is only partially completed as of the 0.9 release. The GDB debugger implementation of DSF provides rudimentary launch and debug capabilities for debugging processes using the GDB debug engine.
    • IP-XACT Editor (preview only)
      • XML editor compliant with the SPIRIT consortium’s IP-XACT standard for defining SoC properties. The schema can be downloaded separately from the SPIRIT website.
      • Provides the user will a large library of SoC components for building a chip design.
      • Provides a wizard for creating new components.
    • DSF and IP-XACT documentation
  • API's
    • All API's should be considered provisional at this time, given the incubation state of the DD project.