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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 29-August-08

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These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 29 August 2008.


  • David
  • Paul
  • Sheldon
  • Hubert
  • Leonard
  • Jimmy
  • Ali


  • Around the room


  • Sheldon had previously asked Srinivas to test latest build. Srinivas reported most of the issues are resolved. Two outstanding issues reported were http://bugs.eclipse.org/244689 and http://bugs.eclipse.org/238345. Since his report, 244689 has been fixed. TODO: Leonard will try to look at 238345 by Tuesday.
  • We were looking at the link to see i13 open bugs to determine what is left to be done. Most of the items should be retargeted as i14 or future. TODO: team leads to clean up their component bug lists for i13.
  • There is an open item regarding Axis2, but Hubert can't do anything until legal issues are resolved. TODO: Hubert to follow up with Ruth.
  • There are some open legal issues with Dojo. TODO: Sheldon to follow up with Ruth, and to provide more info to Eclipse IP on IPZilla entry.
  • We discussed the ER http://bugs.eclipse.org/216210 related to documenting operational guidelines for cosmos. TODO: Jimmy to take over.
  • Meeting next Friday to determine critical sections and those requiring updates, and sections to be removed. TODO: David to set up.