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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 25-Oct-07

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John, Balan, Bill (scribe), Valentina, David, Rich, Ali, Hubert, Maosheng


Several people requested access to the slide deck and recording from CA's COSMOS presentation (Jimmy)

Ali & David continued their review of the CMDBf framework: COSMOS_Design_204959

The framework provides validation and 12 transformations to assist with the processing of CMDBf requests. Developers of a CMDBf (or an MDR) can use the framework to transform CMDBf XML requests into POJOS, process the POJOS to produce response POJOS and transform the response POJOS into CMDBf response XML. The developers write "selector handlers" to hook into the CMDBf framework.

Balan raised the question: should XStream or JAXB be used to provide the XML to POJO transformations?

The CMDBF framework deliverable is scheduled for I7 and includes: 5 jar files in a plug-in, user documentation (JavaDoc and pdf), JUnits, and a sample CMDBf showing usage of the CMDBf framework with an SML repostory.

Bill reviewed the diagram in the Broker design: COSMOS_Design_204921

Valentina's question about the dialect field in the Broker registry led to a discussion of the CMDBf record contents. The dialect provides a high level metadata description of the record contents for the convenience of the client application. The format of the record contents is not defined in the CMDBf spec. The CMDBf framework POJO represents it as a string. How can the CMDBf framework assist the client application in processing the record contents?

Hubert commented that the MDR is a subset of a Data Manager and started to discuss how the programming model fits into the Broker design and the CMDBf framework. As time ran out, it was clear that these three topics are interrelated. Hubert proposed a meeting to co-ordinate the efforts.

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