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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 25-Apr-07

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  • Dave Whiteman
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Don Ebright
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy


Dave W. Resource modeling project is back at full strength (Ali was helping out with TPTP). The IPZilla issues have been cleared up.

Ali is working on a repository api. We will have a design available to discuss during the Face to Face.

There was some confusion on what falls under the Management Enablement component. Is this just tooling that helps instrument resources, or is this the instrumentation as well?

We are trying to close on the high level architecture documents that are currently in CVS so that we can publish them on the web site. Everyone has been asked to review the material that is currently there and supply comments.

Don and Joel were requested to get a review of the work Valentina and Ali did for the data center example so that we can reflect it in the user interface appropriately. We need the agent control layer to match the agent.xsd in the data center example.

Since Joel is working on the data collection framework, we would like someone to work on the APIs between the data collection component and the data visualization component. Need to bring this up on one of the Community Calls.

Action Items

  • Don and Joel: review and comment on data center example
  • Mark: Work with PMC to get resource working on API layer in data collection
  • Ali: Create design document for workspace repository API