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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 22-October-08

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In attendence:

  • David Whiteman
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Naveen Tirupattur
  • Ramesh Pokala
  • Srinivas Doma
  • Jack Devine

-- End of i14 development cycle

  • Code closure as of COB today. Submissions after this date to require component lead approval.
  • CMDBf bugs takes precedence over RM and SDD.
  • Saurabh to initiate build this evening with goal of QA handover by Monday Oct 27th.

-- Jimmy has received all required information re: Hardware configuration.

-- Documentation

  • Oct 31st is proposed drop dead date for documentation submissions. To be confirmed on community call.
  • Obtain list of axis2 jars from IP log. Document this in installation guide.

-- Issues with toolkit: Dojo, Axis2

-- 251478 status?

Issue has be resolved and closed by Hubert.

-- SDD Work

Jason is not in attendance.

-- Craig Taylor looking for place to host testing framework information

-- Srinivas asked for clarification on Axis2 setup

-- Naveen asked about running logging data manager from within Eclipse. David mentioned some config might be necessary and to look at the demo.

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