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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 16-Jan-08

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  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • David
  • Ali
  • Jack Devine
  • Martin
  • Paul
  • Valentina
  • JT
  • Leonard
  • Tania
  • Don
  • Hubert
  • Joel

Review of i9 ERs

  • 209980 - no issues
  • 205825 - design is on the wiki and the sizing is attached to the design
  • 205863 - Jimmy: How does this relate to the security scoping ER we are delivering in i8 (209337)? Joel/Don: This is related but different. It is related to the Muse work that Joel and Balan are working on. Once Joel proceeds with the design we can determine the overlaps.
  • 215123 - There are 2 parts to this: Support for policy (Joel) , Changing data managers to support that interface (Bill). We do not need to break this into 2 ERs. Joel has some of the code done. He will check it in once we open up for i9.
  • 205826 - This ER dependent on updating to the next version of SML
  • 205956 - Valentina proposed that this be moved out of i9 because we need a consumer requirement to define the APIs. Team agreed.
  • 208100 - not sure if this should be in the scope of i9 since 215267 has a higher priority. Ali wants to confirm with deployers and Mark. Do we need an ER that specifies an reconciliation taxonomy scheme before we start running queries against it? This is the next rev of the data center model that we base the work that we do on. We should not use the "reconciliation taxonomy".
  • 208274 - This should be an i10 deliverable because there are too many pre-requisites. Mark will open the pre-requisite ERs on this
  • 208604 - We can talk through this with the Aperi team
  • 212293 - What is in scope for the notification broker - We may be able to push this one out since we don't have anyone asking for this. How is this different from an event broker? The notification broker would do WS-Notification and supports topics. We should mark this as "future".
  • 209987 - no issues
  • 212297 - Dependent on the notification broker enhancement (212293). We should also move this to future.
  • 214672 - We should implement this in i9. This should be added to the use case page to the registering MDR use cases.
  • 215135 - We need to find ways to improve efficiency of handover of JUnits and Manual Tests. Jimmy will set up a follow-on discussion on this.
  • 215502 - We need to look at this relative to the use cases. We might want to break this down into multiple steps. This should probably be post i9.
  • 214903 - This interoperability test harness will be housed in the test module of the Data Collection subproject. We should change the description to say interoperability test harness rather than simple federating CMDB.
  • 214145 - no issues
  • 214153 - we need to determine the priority

  • Mark, Jimmy and Tania need to go through the use cases and associated enhancements to verify that all of the i9 enhancements are associated with a use case.

QA update for i8

  • QA to discuss testing activities for i8
    • N.B. Moved this task to top given CA ITC timezone

Jimmy Mohsin did the QA update. Jan 14-18 is slated for unit testing and Jan 21-25 is for e2e testing.

Use Case Discussion

  • 2.3.1, 2.3.3, 2.3.5, 2.3.6 - Use cases are dependent on enhancements that have been moved to future.
  • We need another use case to be added for the registration client under Management (215267) - Ali will add this

Continued discussion - 1/17/08:

MDR Enablement:

  • 2.1.5 Query for a list of MDRs and their status - open a new ER for this use case
  • 2.1.6 Take an MDR "offline" or "online" - Offline capability should disable any clients from establishing a connection with the data manager. There are no enhancements to manage the lifecycle of the data manager at this point, so this use case will not be addressed in M2. Low priority - can be P3 i9 or moved to i10.


  • 2.3.2 Using COSMOS to submit queries to a proprietary data store with operational data - We should add a discussion around this design to the agenda for an upcoming architecture call
  • 2.3.4 Log or statistical data collection and report generation - We need to create an additional enhancement for this. Mark will create this.


  • We should change the name of this section from Management to Setup and Configuration and move the Security use cases into that section.
  • 2.4.1 Administrator installs the base COSMOS infrastructure - The SDD work will not start to come in until i10. ER 209980 is associated with this use case.

We will resume this discussion 1/18/08, 10-11:30 a.m.