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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 14-Mar-07

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Don Ebright

Marius Slavescu

Sheldon Lee Loy

Ali Mehregani

Craig Thomas

Joel Hawkins

Valentina Popescu

David Whiteman

Steve Jerman


Reviewed the initial pass at the framework Joel is putting together as the basis for the data collection component. Still need to document:

  • Namespaces
  • Deployment scenarios

Don will open bugzilla items for the work. We would like to get more of the team involved than Joel, so we will look at breaking this down into consumeable chunks.

Joel has the part of the test framework "self hosting".

Need further definition of the query services. This is the discussion of a "strongly typed" query interface vs. a "loosely typed" (e.g. XPath) type query interface.

Steve J: Work to begin describing the agent infrastructure in SML. This will need to be tempered with the fact that what is used to do the model will likely change.