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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 11-Oct-07

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  • Jimmy to help update....

  • Should we upgrade the dependency to Eclipse 3.3.1 (Jagmit Singh)
  • Review activities for the SQA resource for i7, i8, & i9 (Jimmy Mohsin)
    • Understand the COSMOS iteration-based process
    • Understand the developmental and organizational relationship between the corporate implementations and COSMOS DC
    • Understand the COSMOS DC architecture
    • Write the test plans & test cases for COSMOS DC i7, i8, & i9 Broker, Management Domain, MDRs, and GUI ERs
    • Determine and / or confirm appropriate tooling for the COSMOS DC i7, i8, & i9
    • Note: This SQA resource will have a learning curve of AT LEAST 4 weeks before s/he is fully familiar with all the aspects of the COSMOS DC and the corporate implementations. After being on the job for about 2 months, the SQA Manager would have enough info on how to scale up the SQA team sometime EARLY 2008.