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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 04-Oct-07

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  • Ali Mehregani
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Hubert Leuyng
  • Valentina Popescu
  • Sheldon Leeloy
  • David Whiteman
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • John Todd
  • Maosheng Liang


UI Framework discussion

Would like to migrate the existing CA ui onto the open framework in COSMOS. There is some work that CA has done to reconcile and move the code. John Todd and Monica will be evaluate what needs to happen. Any new work items for i7 & i8 will be finalized at the next Data Visualization call (Thursday 11).

Management Domain

  • The Management Domain's job is only to hold onto the initial endpoints.
  • Need a generic operation for adding an epr at an identifier.
  • For i7 & i8, we will have only one databroker and all MDRs will register with the databroker
  • The databroker will be a property on the management domain. It will be accessed via the WS-RF.
    • The resource property will be: defaultDataBroker the URI will be: http://
    • The first (and for only) databroker that starts up will become the defualt. We will need a more robust way of determining which broker is "the default" broker.
  • We'll do a run through on the code on Friday to determine what we need to do to adapt to these changes

Qualities of Service

  • Limited qualities of service for i7 & i8