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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 04-Apr-07

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  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Dave Whiteman
  • Valentina Popescu
  • Hubert Leung
  • Seva Sandomirskiy
  • Chris Craddock
  • Ali Mehregani




  • Not a complete set of
  • SML repository testing
  • Not an offical test pass b/c we did not check in the result of the test pass. David will work with Valentina to check in results.
  • One day away from finishing the test pass.
  • No major issues

Data Collection

  • Test cases checked into CVS
    • Covers annotations, the framework, and other misc.
    • Includes a setup environment for
    • Includes the query layer
    • Mostly "happy path" coverage. Will need more..

Data Visualization

  • No test coverage at this point

Action Items

  • Sheldon will work to get the web page up and running.
    • We may need to wrap the test cases from DC in the TPTP
  • Hubert will work with Sheldon to automate

Query Interface

Joel presented the [COSMOSQueryInterfaceInitialDesign#High_Level_Structure].

  • Do we have an initial list of dialects that we will support? Will need to define the canonical set of these.
    • SQL
    • XPath

To support anything else, it would be an intermediate transform from/to one of these

  • A consumer would like to specify if they get back POJOs or XML
    • This is in the response type of the data collection assembly

There are limitations on the XPath query, e.g. grouping would potentially require an additional level of abstraction. Want to avoid the tight coupling of schema to the database.

For things like the "Top 10", this would be a higher level interface/API. Sorting and grouping are major requirements for reporting.

One fundamental issue is how COSMOS is extended. In some sense this is the programming model for COSMOS. Is extension via SQL or via a new "service" Want to promote the introduction of services

How does this work across multiple databases, e.g. CA/Compuware/IBM/TPTP/etc...?

  • This needs to be documented (Joel/Mark)
    • Should be done in context of the next rev of the POC


Hubert working on the build. Target is the end of the week to have this working.

Topics To Discuss Off Line

  • Bug: 179828
  • Work effort to automate test results