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Data Collection and Normalization

Kickoff Meeting

3PM EST (Noon PST) Tuesday December 12, 2006

Toll free: 866.213.1962

Outside North America: +1.609.454.9912

Meeting ID: 2025533#



Discuss meeting schedule and agenda

Component objectives and long term roadmap

Near term deliverables

Scope and Mission

The Data Collection and Normalization component will implement a data collection framework as described on pages 20 and 21 of the COSMOS project creation review pdf here.

The initial scope of the Data Collection and Normalization component supports the Use Cases that the COSMOS project is defining to demonstrate the value of SML throughout the application lifecycle. It will accept managent data from the instrumentation produced by the COSMOS Build to manage component and provide data normalization and persistance to support its consumption by the COSMOS Data Reporting component.

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