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Corona Test

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Corona uses a set of unit test suites for its quality assurance. Each suite of unit tests can be performed independently or part of a larger Corona system test.

Corona's test suites are based upon JUnit v4.

Corona's development envrionment provides the Eclipse plug-in extension-point test.eclipse.corona.CoronaTestSuite. The Corona bundle test.eclipse.corona will perform all test suites that implement this extension-point.

Plug-ins that provide an extension for CoronaTestSuite must extend the abstract class org.eclipse.corona.test.AbstractTestSuite. This will allow each test plug-in to perform its set of tests. Test results are returned using the JUnit Result class.

Naming Convention

It is recommended that each test plug-in be named after the plug-in it is testing, but replase the prefix org with test. Form example, the plug-in org.eclipse.corona.repository would have a test plug-in named test.eclipse.corona.repository".

The package names for a test plug-in should be the same as those used by the plug-in being tested. This will allow test cases to be implemented against protected methods.

The test plug-in's Activator class should be renamed to ActivatorTest. This will avoid any confusion with the Activator from the original plug-in.

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