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Installation and configuration of headless automated build process for Corona

For headless build the infrastructure provided by the PDE and the RelEng (Release Engineering) plugins is needed. To create an environment needed for the build process the seperate org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder plugin is sufficient however the Eclipse SDK can be used as well (Corona requires 3.2 version of Eclipse environment).

Build prerequisities

  • CVS client version 1.10 or higher on system path
  • Info-Zip zip and unzip executables on system path
  • JDK 1.4.x (or newer) installation

Steps required for setting headless build platform

  • checkout Corona build scripts and configuration:
   cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@ export -r HEAD org.eclipse.corona/build

 after running cvs command the following files are fetched to ${baseDirectory}/org.eclipse.corona/build directory:

  1. run.bat/ - script starting an Eclipse instance as AntRunner
  2. buildCorona.xml - build script file controling the build sequence
  3. customTargets.xml - build script file enabling customization of the build process, defines the map files to be fetched and the features to be built
  4. - contains the properties needed for fetching and building the sources
  • set the properties in the run script (run.bat file) to reflect the build environment:
  1. set eclipseDir regarding the Eclipse installation to be used for the build
  2. set buildDirectory
  3. set pluginAutomaticBuildDir to the absolute path of the bootstrap directory (${baseDirectory}/org.eclipse.corona/build)
  4. if java (1.4.x or 1.5.x) is not available on the classpath, set vm to the location of java (1.4.x or 1.5.x) executable
  5. set buildType to receive server or/and client corona distribution, supported values for this property: client, server, full
  • set bootclasspath property in the file to rt.jar location
  • execute the run.bat/ file to build Corona project

Results of successful build process

${buildDirectory}/buildResults directory (buildResults name is a value of buildLabel property defined inside the contains zip archive(s) with corona distribution. For 'buildType=full' two archives are created: and (DEMO name is a value of buildId property defined inside the

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