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The Eclipse Corona project will be merged with Gyrex project to establish a an Eclipse server-side platform. The goal is to establish a Rich Server Platform (RSP) similar to the Rich Client Platform (RCP), but without UI components.

The following plan outlines the steps for merging the existing Corona functionality with the Gyrex project.

  • All Corona projects and packages will be refactored to adopt Gyrex naming convention

Corona Product

  • Corona provides an Eclipse product definition that defines its core runtime distribution for each execution environment.
    • Corona currently names its Program Launcher eclipses. The extra s at the end is used to indicate server.
    • The product definition includes 1 feature: org.eclipse.corona.core
    • All other Corona features can be optionally added to Corona's runtime via P2
Migration Steps
  1. Rename Eclipse product definition from corona.product to gyrex.product
  2. Updated reference to core feature

Corona Features

Feature: org.eclipse.corona.core

Corona's core feature defines the minimal set of plug-ins needed to run an Eclipse server-side platform.

Migration Steps
  1. Refactor feature name from org.eclipse.corona.core.feature to org.eclipse.gyrex.server.core

Feature: org.eclipse.corona.diagnostics

Corona's diagnostic feature provides a framework to collect diagnostic data. This functionality is useful to collect data needed to help resolve issues.

Migration Steps
  1. Refactor feature name from org.eclipse.corona.diagnostics.feature to org.eclipse.gyrex.diagnostics.collection.feature

Feature: Container Database

Feature: Container Web

Feature: Test Framework

Feature: SDK

PDE Build

Migration Steps
  1. Build Eclipse product gyrex.product (formally corona.product)
  2. Build each Corona feature

P2 Repository

Migration Steps
  1. Post P2 repository to Eclipse download site