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Corona's server-side environment is provide as an all-in-one platform distribution. Optional server applications are provided as features that can be installed into the server via Update Manager.

The Corona server-side platform requires Java 1.5 and has been verified on the following architectures:

  • Win32 (WinXP)
  • Linux (Redhat)
  • Mac OS (Leopord)

Step 1: Install the Corona Platform

  1. Download the Corona Server Platform
  2. Unzip the Platform to a folder on your machine
    1. This folder will be referred to as corona_home
  3. Change directory to the coron_home folder
  4. (linux/mac only) Change the file attributes for the Corona shell command
    1. chmod 755 corona.sh

Step 2: Configure Server Environment

  1. Edit 'config.ini to change any of the following configuration items
secondary server applications to automatically start
location of the platform's workspace
tcp/ip port used by the http service

Step 3: Start the Corona Server-side Platform

  1. Execute the corona shell script to run the Corona Server-side Platform
    1. (linux) ./corona.sh run
    2. (winew) corona run

The Corona server-side platform should be running within an OSGi command console. You should be able to interact with Corona's web service via [1]. In addition, any additional component feature applications that were installed should also be running.