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How do I deploy functionality to Corona's server-side environment?

Package your functionality into feature and install it into Corona via an update site.
The functionality should be started/stopped via IApplication. Configure the osgi.applications property to start your application.

Release Engineering

What architecture environments are support by Corona's server-side platform?

Corona's server-side environment supports the same architecture environments as Equinox. Specific functionality per environment is provided via Bundle Fragments. Currently, the supported architectures are:

  • carbon.macosx
  • gtk.linux.ppc
  • gtk.linux.x86
  • gtk.linux.x86_64
  • gtk.solaris.sparc
  • motif.aix.ppc
  • win32.win32.x86
  • wpf.win32.x86

Test Framework

How are test cases registered with the Test Framework?

Corona's Test Framework provides the org.eclipse.corona.test.suite extension point. This is used to register a suite of test cases to be run by the Test Framework.

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