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How do I deploy functionality to Corona's server-side environment?

Package your functionality into feature and install it into Corona via an update site.
The functionality should be started/stopped via IApplication. Configure the osgi.applications property to start your application.

How do I create a Server Component?

The Corona server-side platform uses OSGi Applications to manage the runtime lifecyle of a Server Components. These components are defined using the org.eclipse.core.runtime.application extension point.

Release Engineering

What architecture environments are support by Corona's server-side platform?

Corona's server-side environment supports the same architecture environments as Equinox. Specific functionality per environment is provided via Bundle Fragments. Currently, the supported architectures are:

  • carbon.macosx
  • gtk.linux.ppc
  • gtk.linux.x86
  • gtk.linux.x86_64
  • gtk.solaris.sparc
  • motif.aix.ppc
  • win32.win32.x86
  • wpf.win32.x86

Test Framework

How are test cases registered with the Test Framework?

Corona's Test Framework provides the org.eclipse.corona.test.suite extension point. This is used to register a suite of test cases to be run by the Test Framework.

Where is test result output located?

Corona's Test Framework create an XML file containing the test summary. This file is located in within the working directory under the folder ${working.dir}/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.corona.test.