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Corona Project - Tools Services Framework

Corona is the Eclipse Tools Services Framework that enables workgroup collaboration. The workgroup is defined as multiple Eclipse based application that share a common context. Corona will distribute actions and events that occur in a local Eclipse workspace to all members of the workgroup.

Corona uses an Eclipse based server-side environment to manage its workgroup environment. Eclipse (non-ui) plug-ins can be deployed to Corona’s server to provide persistent handling of workgroup actions and events. These server-side plug-ins provide web service endpoints and/or participate in Corona’s event model to increase the value of commercial software solutions through cross-product integration.

The cornerstone of Corona is its context container (ContextContainer). This specialized container is shared with all members of the workgroup. It is the common context for collaboration within the workgroup. The ContextContainer defines the set repositories (RepositoryDescriptors) needed for Eclipse applications to participate in the workgroup collaboration solution.

Project Goals

  • Provide a context for collaboration within a distributed workgroup environment
    • ContextContainer
    • RepositoryDescriptor
    • Distributed Event Model
  • Provide Eclipse based server-side environment to manage Corona's workgroup environment
    • Provide an OSGi-based SOA component framework for server-side Eclipse plug-in deployment.
    • Provide manageability of component and resources via WSDM


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