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=== Use Cases ===
=== Use Cases ===
[[Corona.UseCase.ResourceCollaboration|Resource Collaboration]]
*[[Corona UseCase ResourceCollaboration]]
[[Corona UseCase ResourceCollaboration]]

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Corona Project - Tool Services Framework

[Eclipse Project Home]

Corona is about tool integration. It Corona will enable Eclipse constructs, such as a "project", to be shared in a distributed environment. Corona will provide an Eclipse based server-side runtime environment that will provide web service access to allow manageability to SOA components deploy within Corona.

Project Goals

The project goals for Corona are:

  • Provide an OSGi-based SOA component framework for server-side Eclipse plug-in deployment.
  • Establish a collaboration event model used to propagate events across multiple Workbench instances.
  • Implement a mechanism for harvesting component and artifact relationships from collaboration events.
  • Provide manageability of component and resources used within the Corona framework.

Use Cases

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