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* Provide a SDK for create Corona hosted plugins
* Provide a SDK for create Corona hosted plugins
=== Getting Started ===
=== Quick Links ===
It's easy to getting started with Corona.  Simply download the server-side '''platform''', unzip it, and run it. 
* [[Corona/GettingStarted|Getting Started]]
* [[Corona/GettingStarted|Getting Started]]
* [[Corona/Architecture|Architecture]]
=== Components ===
=== Components ===

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Incubation Phase
Eclipse Home

Corona Project - Tools Services Framework

Corona is the Eclipse Tools Services Framework that enables workgroup collaboration. The workgroup is defined as multiple Eclipse based application that share a common context. Corona will distribute actions and events that occur in a local Eclipse workspace to all members of the workgroup.

Corona uses an Eclipse based server-side environment to manage its workgroup environment. Eclipse (non-ui) plug-ins can be deployed to Corona’s server to provide persistent handling of workgroup actions and events. These server-side plug-ins provide web service endpoints and/or participate in Corona’s event model to increase the value of commercial software solutions through cross-product integration.

Project Goals

  • Provide Eclipse based server-side environment to manage Corona's workgroup environment
    • Provide an OSGi-based SOA component framework for server-side Eclipse plug-in deployment.
    • Provide manageability of component and resources via WSDM
  • Provide a context for collaboration within a distributed workgroup environment
    • Distributed Event Model
  • Provide a SDK for create Corona hosted plugins

Quick Links


Name Description
Platform Corona's Eclipse server-side runtime environment
Release Engineering Corona's PDE Build process, etc...
Test Framework Test framework for automated execution of unit tests.
Database Server OSGi Application Database Server


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