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Contributing Examples (BIRT)


The BIRT Community appreciates your willingness to contribute examples. Please consider adding or revising entries to assist other BIRT developers.

To contribute an example to the BIRT wiki follow the guidelines below.

  • New Wiki Page - Create a wiki page with the title of your example. The title should be formatted like “title (BIRT)”. The reason for this convention is to optimize wiki usage and prevent name clashes with existing wiki pages. The wiki is shared among many Eclipse projects. Copy the wiki syntax listed under Sample Wiki Page Syntax and paste to your new page.
  • Example Files - If your example contains source code or an example report, create a bugzilla entry and upload the content as an attachment. It is better if you compress the attachment and then place a link in the wiki example to the attachment within bugzilla. This link will be similar to [ Example Report Zipped] and should be placed under the Example Files header within the wiki page.

In the bugzilla entry you create specify “Example –“ name of your wiki page for the summary field. For example, the summary field may contain “Example - Stored Procedure (BIRT)”. In the Severity field, tag the bug as an Enhancement.

  • Link your new page – Navigate to the most logical place within the wiki example structure and edit the page. Place a link to your new page.

Sample Wiki Page Syntax

== Introduction ==
Add your introduction here.
== BIRT Version Compatibility ==
Enter the version of BIRT that was used to build the example.
== Example Files==
Add a URL to your bugzilla attachment. eg.
[ Example Report Zipped]
== Description==
Give a detailed description of your example.
== Comments ==
Please enter comments below by selecting the edit icon to the right.
You will need a Bugzilla account to add comments.

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