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===ODA Enhancements===
===ODA Enhancements===
*Integrate connection profile framework with ODA runtime ([https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=175634 BZ 175634])
*Integrate connection profile framework with ODA runtime ([https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=175634 BZ 175634])
*Add support for multi-dimensional data sources (experimental API)
===Generic Database Support===
===Generic Database Support===

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This page details the release plan for the Europa release.


[edit] Release Goals

This section details the goals and feature work to be completed for the Europa release. The items are listed in order of importance.

[edit] Europa Specific Requirements

These are derived from the Europa release requirements

  • Separate runtime and SDK feature sets
    Will be accommodated by DTP release engineering
  • All plugins must specify required JVM version Completed
Target for M5
  • All plugins should be JARed Completed
Target for M5
Top level bugzilla entry 172550

[edit] API Promotion

Elevate provisional API to platform status.

[edit] Unit Test Coverage

Improve unit test coverage for public API.

[edit] Documentation

Improve developer documentation.

[edit] API Revisions

Planned revisions to public API. These revisions may be released as provisional API.

Note: API changes must be completed by M6

[edit] Database Recognition

BZ 174877

  • Enable database recognition extension point
  • Integrate with ConnectionInfo connection factories
  • Investigate whether or not driver definition templates may be simplified (i.e. remove vendor specific driver definitions)

The proposed solution.

Slightly related:

Information from DatabaseMetaData should supercede statically defined settings in DatabaseDefinition, where/when applicable (BZ 166526).
[edit] DSE Specialization for SQL Model Content

Define standard approaches for specializing SQL model content (BZ 162291)

  • Overriding default container names
  • Adding content to default containers
  • Specializing content structure
[edit] Integrate Work Offline Mode

Integrate Work Offline mode with core connectivity framework (BZ 175005)

[edit] Open Data Access
  • Adds support of “boolean” data type in result set columns and parameters (Bugzilla 127234)
  • Provides explicit setting of a null value to an input parameter (Bugzilla 122121)
  • Exposes the Name of a Parameter in its Runtime Meta Data (Bugzilla 177266)

Proposed solution: ODA Public API Change Specification

[edit] WTP/RDB Adopter Migration

  • Ensure feature compatibility
  • Provide technical support to adopters

[edit] ODA Enhancements

  • Integrate connection profile framework with ODA runtime (BZ 175634)

[edit] Generic Database Support

  • Expand generic DDL generation to include SPs, UDFs, etc. (BZ 175007)
  • Modify JDBC catalog objects to recycle objects during refresh (BZ 170579)

[edit] Community Outreach

  • Document contribution process

[edit] General

  • Update Derby catalog loader to use new catalog loader utility classes (BZ 167471)

[edit] Planning Strategy

All work items have a corresponding BZ entry associated with them. For planning purposes, all items targeted for a specific milestone will have a high probability of being completed for the Europa release. Any items targeted for simply 1.5 will be completed as time permits.

[edit] Useful BZ Queries

All work items currently planned for M6

All work items currently planned for M7/RC0

All work items currently planned for Europa