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(WTP/RDB Adopter Migration)
(WTP/RDB Adopter Migration)
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==WTP/RDB Adopter Migration==
==WTP/RDB Adopter Migration==
*Ensure feature compatibility
*Ensure feature compatibility
**Connection selection dialog
**Connection selection dialog (BZ ######)
*Provide technical support to adopters
*Provide technical support to adopters

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The following are the areas of focus for the Europa release. NOTE: This information is preliminary.

Europa Requirements

These are derived from the Europa release requirements

  • Separate runtime and SDK feature sets
  • All plugins must specify required JVM version
Target for M5
  • All plugins should be JARed
Target for M5
Top level bugzilla entry 172550

API Promotion

Elevate provisional API to platform status.

Unit Test Coverage

Improve unit test coverage for public API.


Improve developer documentation.

API Revisions

Planned revisions to public API. These revisions may be released as provisional API.

Note: API changes must be completed by M6

Database Recognition

  • Enable database recognition extension point
  • Integrate with ConnectionInfo connection factories
  • Investigate whether or not driver definition templates may be simplified (i.e. remove vendor specific driver definitions)

DSE Specialization for SQL Model Content

Define standard approaches for specializing SQL model content

  • Overriding default container names
  • Adding content to default containers
  • Specializing content structure

Integrate Work Offline Mode

Integrate Work Offline mode with core connectivity framework

WTP/RDB Adopter Migration

  • Ensure feature compatibility
    • Connection selection dialog (BZ ######)
  • Provide technical support to adopters

ODA Enhancements

  • Integrate connection profile framework with ODA runtime
  • Add support for multi-dimensional data sources

Generic Database Support

  • Expand generic DDL generation to include SPs, UDFs, etc.
  • Modify JDBC catalog objects to recycle objects during refresh

Community Outreach

  • Document contribution process


  • Update Derby catalog loader to use new catalog loader utility classes