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Connecting to Ingres

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Ingresis the leading business open source database- check it out!

Instructions for how to connect to an Ingres database using DTP inside Eclipse

1. Create your driver profile

  1. Open Window-Preferences-Data Management-Connectivity-Driver Definitions.
  2. Click "Add".
  3. Select "Ingres JDBC Driver" from the list of drivers.
  4. Click the "Jar List" tab.
  5. Click on "iijdbc.jar" and click "Edit".
  6. Browse to your iijdbc.jar file. You can download it here:  http://community.ingres.com/wiki/Ingres_JDBC_Driver_Downloads
  7. Click "Ok" to close the Driver Definitions box.
  8. Click "Ok" to close the preferences window.

2. Create your connection profile

  1. Open Window-Show View-Other-Data Management-Data Source Explorer-Ok.
  2. In the newly opened Data Source Explorer, right-click on Database Connections and choose "New...".
  3. Select "Ingres".
  4. Click "Next".
  5. Use the dropdown to choose the Ingres Driver you just configured.
  6. The JDBC URL will autopopulate. You most likely will not need to change it.
  7. Click "Test Connection" to verify that you can connect.
  8. Click "Finish".
  9. You'll now see your connection profile in the Data Source Explorer under Database Connections.

For more information, visit the Ingres Community Wiki here: http://community.ingres.com/wiki/Eclipse_DTP_How_To