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|[ open]
|[ open]
|[ SergeyY]
|colspan="2" | [[RP Protocol Support]] (HBX SUPPORT)
|colspan="2" | [[RP Protocol Support]] (HBX SUPPORT)

Revision as of 05:03, 12 January 2007

Component (Bugzilla name, if different) Javadoc CVS PSF Requires Build Open(all) Closed(all) Owner
Client Components
Higgins Browser Extension (HBX) n/a cvs psf open MaximK
ISS Web UI open AbhiS
Core Components
I-Card Manager (I-CARD BROKER) libs open SergeyY
RP Enablement (RELYING PARTY) open SergeyY
RP Protocol Support (HBX SUPPORT) open SergeyY
ISS Client UI open SergeyY
I-Card Registry open ValeryK
I-Card Selector Service (ISS) open AbhiS
I-Card Providers (ICARD PROVIDER), I-Card_Interfaces open
CardSpace Managed I-Card Provider ValeryK
CardSpace Self-Issued I-Card Provider ValeryK
URI I-Card Provider ValeryK
Token Service (STS) psf instructions open MikeM
Token Providers (TOKEN PROVIDER) open
Username Provider MikeM
SAML Provider MikeM
Idemix Provider psf open AbhiS
Identity Attribute Service (IDAS) nightly cvs psf nightly open JimS
Context Providers (CONTEXT PROVIDER) open
LDAP Context Provider libs TomD
Jena Context Provider cvs psf libs SergeyL
OpenID Context Provider libs TBD


Conventions Used in this Page


  • All information, interfaces, doc, etc. about any component in the Architecture should be reachable by clicking on the component name in the column above.

Column Names in table above

  • Component name
    • Provider/Plugin Component name
  • Javadoc for component
  • CVS - web CVS interface
  • PSF - Eclipse IDE Team Project Set
  • Requires - non-Higgins libraries (e.g. JARs) that this component depends on to build and run
  • Build - link to the nightly build of this component (if any)
  • Open - list of Bugzilla entries (enhancements and bugs) for this component
  • Owner - committer with overall responsibility for this component

Higgins 1.0 Build Targets

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