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(RCP - With Resources)
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= IDE =
= IDE =
Data Mapper Plugin - (as described in the RCP section)
'''Data Mapper Plugin''' - (as described in the RCP section)
= RCP - With Resources =
= RCP - With Resources =

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The Common Navigator Framework (CNF) can be used both within the IDE (it's the Package Explorer) and in RCP applications.

In order to provide the best support for the 3.5 release, we would like to understand the current and desired uses of the CNF, so please update this page and include them here.


Data Mapper Plugin - (as described in the RCP section)

RCP - With Resources

Data Mapper - This RCP application uses the CNF with resources to manage data structure definitions, map definitions and other objects. The resources can exist in the local file system, or using EFS in a zip file or plugin. There is a set of model objects representing the structures, maps, etc and these are managed by an internal dependency manager so that changes in the resources (through the CNF) cause the model objects to be updated. Contact: Francis Upton (

RCP - Objects Other than Resources

Please tell us about the objects you would use the CNF with, and also indicate why you did not choose to use resources. The CNF in conjunction with resources provides considerable benefit; we would like to hear about cases where this combination will not work for whatever reason.

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