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Common Build Infrastructure/Virtual Server Setup/MacOSX

This page documents how http://buildbox/ was set up for use in EclipseCon 2009's Hands-On: Using the new Common Builder for Push-Button PDE Builds tutorial.

Create or acquire virtual server image

  • depending on where you are on the planet, this may be considered taboo. You may be able to create your own image using VMWare Converter.
  • the details below apply to the "deadmoo" Mac OS X 10.4.1 image; using something newer, YMMV.

Install software

  • find a terminal under Finder > Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal, and drag it into the desktop or launcher bar for convenience.
  • unpack into ~/Desktop, then drag the eclipse/ folder into Finder > Go > Applications (/Applications dir).

At this point I'm stuck, as I can't run Eclipse or Hudson. Suggestions welcome.