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Common Build Infrastructure/Managing Hudson

Restarting Hudson

Here's the process for authorized committers to restart Hudson. A restart is required if new / updated plugins have been installed or if a new version of Hudson is available.

If you're not authorized see

  • ssh to
$ sudo rchudson restart 

If that fails and you need to manually kill and restart hudson

  • sudo su - hudsonbuild
  • find the running process:
$ ps xu | grep hudson | egrep -v "su|grep"
55011      962 21.0  0.8 644064 128764 ?       Sl   18:32   2:21 /shared/common/ibm-java2-ppc-50/bin/java -jar /opt/users/hudsonbuild/hudson.war --configure=/opt/users/hudsonbuild/
  • kill that process
$ kill 962
  • start Hudson:
$ /shared/common/ibm-java2-ppc-50/bin/java -jar /opt/users/hudsonbuild/hudson.war --configure=/opt/users/hudsonbuild/ &
  • log out

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