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Common Build Infrastructure/Getting Started/Build In Hudson/Bash Job

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If you are running your job on [1], there is a generic run.sh script you can use to start up your build.

The required input variables (either as Hudson parameters (This build is parameterized) or set in the Build > Execute Script textarea box) are:

   I (or N)
   (blank) or '-forceContextQualifier -fetchTag HEAD'

To use this script, I generally set this code in the Build > Execute Shell field of the Hudson job:

# configuration
export PROJRELENGROOT='-projRelengRoot :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/FIXME'
export PROJRELENGPATH='-projRelengPath org.eclipse.FIXME/org.eclipse.FIXME/releng'
# set SNAPSHOT true if you want foo-N-SNAPSHOT.zip instead of foo-N200909091234.zip, so downstream projects
# can more easily use your output as their input
#export SNAPSHOT="true"
# run the build
. /opt/public/cbi/build/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/hudson/run.sh

See Also

Here are two template jobs used to quickly create a CVS-based Hudson job on build.eclipse.org: