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3. Download [ ant-contrib.jar 1.0b2] ('''''NOT 1.0b3!'''') and put it into <code>org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/lib/ant-contrib.jar</code>.  
3. Download [ ant-contrib.jar 1.0b2] '''''(NOT 1.0b3!)''''' and put it into <code>org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/lib/ant-contrib.jar</code>.  
4. Open <code>org.eclipse.gef.releng/</code> and edit to suit your needs.
4. Open <code>org.eclipse.gef.releng/</code> and edit to suit your needs.

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The process to run a build in Eclipse is getting ever easier.

1. Download a .psf file, such as gef.psf

2. Open Eclipse, and do File > Import > Team > Team Project Set. Browse for the .psf file you downloaded above, and import it. You should end up with three new workspace projects.


3. Download ant-contrib.jar 1.0b2 (NOT 1.0b3!) and put it into org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/lib/ant-contrib.jar.

4. Open org.eclipse.gef.releng/ and edit to suit your needs.

5. Select org.eclipse.gef.releng/build.xml, then Run As > Ant Build.

6. A log of the build will appear as org.eclipse.gef.releng/buildlog.latest.txt.

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