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* [[Build_Workshop_3:_Build_Hard_With_A_Purpose/Announcements/2008-11-19|Project planning and administration]]

Revision as of 12:21, 19 November 2008



  • SVN support implemented in setup script (to get svn-pde-plugin into the cached copy of basebuilder), startup script (to get a .releng project from svn repo or cvs repo), and generated fetch scripts (map files can specify cvs and svn entries interchangeably) (bug 251923).
  • clean up customTargets.xml (for both ALL and Tests builders) (bug 251879).
  • Support for archived update sites and SDK zips as input to build :: in progress (bug 252423).
  • Testing code refactored and almost working for GEF.


  • Server config simplified on; documented and scripted for reproduction on localhost. Testing through cygwin on Windows TBD.
  • basebuilder.releng from both 3.4 (tag: RC2_34) and 3.5M2 (R35_M2) checked out on; builds work equally.
  • GEF build on and localhost has succeeded in producing GEF "Master" zip, as well as SDK, runtime, and examples.
  • Signing fails, but can be skipped by running an N build.
  • Test assembly fails; test run fails because tests are not yet built. builder/tests/customTargets.xml needs to be updated/fixed.
  • Creation of Update site, p2 metadata, site digest, etc. still TBD.
  • Web UI to run builds has been decoupled from the build system in case we decide to use Hudson or Cruise Control instead. Paths in web UI still broken (expect /gef/ but have /cbi/gef; downloads page shows builds on, not local builds on


  • To run builds as, run this:
cd /opt/public/cbi/build/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng_HEAD; \
cvs up -Pd; cd tools/scripts;./ -projectid tools.gef -version 3.4.0 -buildType N \
 -projRelengRoot '' \
 -projRelengPath 'org.eclipse.dash/athena/org.eclipse.dash.commonbuilder/org.eclipse.gef.releng' \
 -basebuilderBranch R35_M2 -javaHome /opt/public/common/ibm-java2-142 \
 -URL \
  2>&1 | tee /opt/public/cbi/logs/buildlog_`date +%H%M%S`.txt
  • To run locally, see examples in

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