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Documents related to 2018-09, the Eclipse Foundation's multi-project Simultaneous Release of September 2018.

Simultaneous Release
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Non-wiki pages related to 2018-09 Release

Simultaneous Release Requirements (aka must-dos)

List of participating projects (See how to announce your participation)

Simultaneous Release Planning Calendar (ICAL)

Important Dates

  • July 13/2018 - Opt-in deadline
  • August 8/2018 - CQ Submission deadline (specify that the CQ is required for the Simultaneous Release)
  • August 29/2018 - IP Log submission deadline
  • August 29/2018 - Review materials due
  • September 5/2018 - Release reviews (required only for projects that are releasing a new major or minor release)
  • September 19/2018 - Eclipse SimRel 2018-09 GA

Note that an IP Log is a record of intellectual property for an entire project. The purpose of the IP Log review is to confirm that the project team understands the Eclipse IP Policy and is implementing the supporting processes. An IP Log is not intended to reflect the intellectual property included with any particular release. Project teams can continue to make changes to project code after submitting their IP Log for review.

For milestone and quiet period dates, see this calendar:

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