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==Fundamental Concepts and Technology==
==Fundamental Concepts and Technology==
* '''[[OTJ|Introduction to OT/J]]''' -- the language
* '''[[OTJ|Introduction to OT/J]]''' — the language
* '''[[Object Teams Development Tooling]] (OTDT)''' -- the IDE
* '''[[Object Teams Development Tooling]] (OTDT)''' — the IDE
* '''[[:Category:OTEquinox|OT/Equinox]]''' -- the module system
* '''[[:Category:OTEquinox|OT/Equinox]]''' — the module system
* '''[[OTFacts|Selected Facts]]''' — regarding OT/J and the OTDT
==Examples and Method==
==Examples and Method==

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Object Teams

Object Teams Quick-Start
For the "impatient": installing the tool and writing your first application / bundle in < 15 min.

Fundamental Concepts and Technology

Examples and Method

  • Examples — examples suitable as a further introduction to Object Teams.
  • Patterns — patterns for good design with OT/J
  • Howtos — covering both technical issues and design questions
  • Caveats — list of common pitfalls with explanation and solution
  • Trouble Shooting — error messages, causes and solution


Developer documentation

Non-Wiki Links


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