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Documents related to Kepler, the Eclipse Foundation's multi-project Simultaneous Release of June 2013. For information on the archived technology project by this name, see Kepler Project.

Simultaneous Release
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Important Dates

  • Feb 8/2013 - CQ deadline for Kepler; CQs for participating projects received by this date will be placed in the IP team's priority queue.
  • May 24/2013 - Deadline to submit IP Logs for Kepler releases
  • June 5/2013 - PMC-approved Review materials submitted to EMO
  • June 12/2013 - Kepler Uber Release review
  • June 26/2013 - Kepler release

Non-wiki pages related to Kepler Release

Simultaneous Release Requirements (aka must-dos)

List of participating projects (those that have marked the 'simultaneousrelease' flag in the Foundation's Portal metatdata)

Simultaneous Release Planning Calendar

Tracking compliance and checklists: unlike previous years, there will be no rolled-up, summarized "checklist" of compliance and URLs. Instead, we simple ask Project Leads to document compliance and list exceptions in their Release Review Documentation. Over time (but likely not in time for Kepler) more and more of the "extra" URLs asked of the Simultaneous Release projects (e.g. links to Retention Policy, Rampdown Plan, Accessibility Checklists, etc.), will be part of the normal portal metadata.

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