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Campus Ambassador Program/silcharcampus

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Upcoming Events

In first week of november we are celebrating our alumni meet and we are organizing eclipse demo camp on 13th november.The Aim of democamp is to bring together people working on or with Eclipse in order to exchange ideas, get some feedback on existing projects and ideas or to find partners for launching new projects.

If you are interested in such a meeting please don't hesitate to contact mohit pandey
Next upcoming events will be displayed soon.

Volunteer Opportunities


If you want to participate in Eclipse related events at our university, have ideas for cool projects or you are simply searching for an Eclipse related project you can participate in, please contact mohit pandey

  • Mailing list
    [ mohit pandey - mohitrevai@gmail.com]
  • Campus newsgroup
  • Class wiki page

Student Blogs


If you have questions you can contact your campus ambassador:
Mohit pandey

Faculty Contacts

  • Professor name, email address


Helpful Links

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