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Campus Ambassador Program/Saarland University

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Upcoming Events

At the current point in time there are no events scheduled.

We are planning to organize some kind of Get Together at our university though. The idea is to bring together people working on or with Eclipse in order to exchange ideas, get some feedback on existing projects and ideas or to find partners for launching new projects.

If you are interested in such a meeting please don't hesitate to contact Kevin Streit.

Volunteer Opportunities

As we are still in a very early stage of bringing parts of the Eclipse ecosystem closer to the students there is a lot to be done. If you are a student at Saarland University and you are interested in helping to organize Demo Camps and Eclipse workshops please contact Kevin Streit. Everyone is invited to take part.


  • Mailing list
  • Campus newsgroup
  • Class wiki page

Student Blogs


If you have questions you can contact your campus ambassador, Kevin Streit:

For more ways to contact or meet me, please find details on my page at Saarland University.


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