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Californium/Release Process

How-to release californium

1st get a copy of *all* the californium repository:

git clone

git clone

git clone

git clone

git clone

You need to process the repository in the correct order:






In each repository:

  • set the final version (probably the same as the current one but without "SNAPSHOT")

mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z

  • build & sign the artifacts (you need a gpg key)

mvn clean install -Prelease

  • looks in ./target/ does the artifacts looks nice?
  • check if there is no *-SNAPSHOT in the dependency:

mvn dependency:tree

  • then commit the pom.xml, and tag the release:

git add pom.xml \*/pom.xml

git commit -m "Release X.Y.Z"

git tag "X.Y.Z"

  • publish the artifacts on maven central

mvn deploy -Prelease

  • prepare for the next cycle:

mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT

git add pom.xml \*/pom.xml

git commit -m "Release X.Y.Z"

  • push the commits

git push && git push --tags

Now connect on the Sonatype OSS Nexus and close the staging repository. If it's fine you will be able to "release" the repository and the artifact will show up in maven central in a few hours. Next step is to edit the Eclipse project metadata and announce it on the mailing list.

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