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CVS Development

Running the CVS Automated Tests using JUnit

Follow these steps to run the CVS tests:

  1. To load the Team/CVS test plug-ins, check out the following plug-ins from :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/eclipse repository:
    • org.eclipse.test
    • org.eclipse.test.performance
    • org.eclipse.core.tests.harness
    • org.eclipse.core.tests.resources
    • org.eclipse.team.tests.core
    • org.eclipse.team.tests.cvs.core
  1. The CVS tests require a repository to test with so you will need to set up a test repository.
  1. The org.eclipse.team.tests.cvs.core contains a couple of sample launch configurations:
    • CVS UI Tests: runs the tests related to the CVS/UI plug-in configured for windows
    • CVS UI Tests (Linux): same as above but configured for Linux
    • CVS Core Tests: runs the tests related to the CVS/Core plug-in
  1. The Windows configuration is set up to use C:\eclipse as the test area. To configure the tests to use your test repository, perform the following steps:
    • copy the repository.properties file from the org.eclipse.team.tests.cvs.core plug-in to the C:\eclipse.
    • Open the file and modify the repository property to contain the location string that identifies your test repository. This string should be of the format :method:user:password@host:/repo/path (the other fields are used to tailor the tests in other ways but the defaults should work fine).
  1. From the Run menu, choose Run.. and then select CVS UI Tests to run the tests.