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== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* [mailto:stjerman@cisco.com Steve Jerman] & [mailto:david_whiteman@us.ibm.com David Whiteman]
* [mailto:david_whiteman@us.ibm.com David Whiteman]
[[Category:COSMOS Standing Meetings]]
[[Category:COSMOS Standing Meetings]]

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COSMOS Main Page

Resource Modeling weekly meeting

Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Resource Modeling
Date & Time: Tuesdays@ 10am EST
Conference code: 228608
US/Canada Toll-free Dial-in number: +1.877.421.0038
US/Canada Dial-in number: +1.770.615.1254
United Kingdom Dial-in number: +44.20.7026.0533
India Toll-free Dial-in: 000-800-100-1156
Germany Dial-in: +49 6951709081
China North Toll-free Dial-in: 10800-711-0770
China South Toll-free Dial-in: 10800-110-0713

Meeting minutes

Minutes of past RM meetings


Standing items

  • Current status of deliverables

This week's discussion