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COSMOS logos

Winning Logo Design

The majority of the votes was for logo *I*, but there were suggestions to improve this logo. Here is the new logo design. Thank you for you input.

Cosmos logo9.png

The following are examples of a new COSMOS banner that will reside on the COMOS homepage. Which banner do you like best? Please vote for your favorite banner and email the associate alphanumeric letter to Rich Vasconi (vasconi@us.ibm.com)

If you have any other banner suggestions or color combinations you would like to see, please let me know and I'll create that banner.

A. Cosmos banner2.png

B. Cosmos banner3.png

C. Cosmos banner4.png

D. Cosmos banner7.png

E. Cosmos banner8.png

F. Cosmos banner9.png

G. Cosmos banner5.png

H. Cosmos banner10.png

I. Cosmos logo3.png