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COSMOS data reporting

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Data Reporting

Meeting Title: Standing Conference Call on COSMOS Data Reporting
Link to information on Wiki: CosmosDataReportingDesign
Day & Time: Wednesday, 930 EST / 9:30am EST
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (866) 245-5059
Local Dial-in number: +1 (416) 343-2607
International Dial-in: +1 (800) 4444-1010
Passcode: 2771920


Email [Sheldon Lee-Loy] Phone +1 (905) 413-2610



i12 June 30 to July 23 (4 weeks)

Bug id Assigned to Short Description New Owner
237012 Registration Response dialog should have an animated icon  
237522 wording in popup menu for registration/deregistration  
238164 Deregistration/Regisration status reponse dialog should have a scroll bar  
237981 Cannot close full registration and deregistration dialog box by pressing Esc.  
237008 Tree viewer has Replaced the Tabular viewer as Default  
236629 Create or Use Appropriate Icons for each Dilaog  
236636 Display of Record Details Fails in Iframe when length too large  
238227 COSMOSUI tests - GraphResponseViewer, Problem with Record Details Dialog  
238298 Integrate with new data collection changes JT
236720 General Logging JT
236721 General Internationalization  
236722 General copyright statements Martin
237009 When the OPEN WITH is selected it should remain the default Martin
222709 QueryBuilder should populate the MdrID  
236633 sentence fragments in properties file  
236684 append ERR WARNING and INFO to externalized string ids  
237483 title of properties dialog box.  
236670 Ability to delete queries JT
237380 Two menu items lead to the same dialog box  
237007 Data Manager popup menu has no icon  
220201 CBE log report throws an exception when clicking on a chart  
Bug Id Priority Assigned To Description new owner Sizing Rough Sizing (PD)
229800 P2 Provide DOJO simple method descriptions for services available in COSMOS JT Medium 5
236907 P2 Launching the COSMOS UI with a MDR query JT Low 3
229411 P2 Upgrade to Dojo 1.1 Martin Medium 5
230405 P2 Create a Report based on CMDBf information Sheldon High 10
237655 P2 Provide a reporting service group for data managers Sheldon High 9
234517 P3 Provide the ability to contribute custom property dialogs Future Medium 5

Minutes of prior meetings

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