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COSMOS data collection

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Data Collection

Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Data Collection
Link to information on Wiki: CosmosDataCollectionComponent
Weekly calls now combined with Architecture
Schedule and agenda of comined calls COSMOS_Architecture_Meetings


Email [Don Ebright] Phone +1 (313) 227.6734


  • Should we use command line or web UI to manage COSMOS components? (e.g. register broker with management domain, etc.)
    • Is the command line client a temporary solution?
    • Bug 215502
  • Target environment for data managers in the demo:
    • Should we package all 4 data managers for Tomcat in the demo for i9?

Topic backlog

  • Virtualization plan and design
  • Performance
  • Facilitation of adoption
    • Use cases
    • Packaging
    • Documentation

Minutes of prior weekly meetings

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