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COSMOS data collection

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Data Collection

Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Data Collection
Link to information on Wiki: CosmosDataCollectionComponent
Date & Time: Tuesday January 29, 2008 at 11AM EST (GMT +5)
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (866) 213.1962
Primary International Dial-in: +1.609.454.9912
Passcode: 2025533#
2008 Meeting Calendar (zipped.ics file)


Email [Don Ebright] Phone +1 (313) 227.6734


  • Status updates and agenda changes
  • Review action items
  • QA i8 status - are we on track for Jan 25?
  • i8 bugs
  • i9 plan
  • Need input on internationalization support by the end of this week

Topic suggestions for future meetings

  • Virtualization plan / design discussion continued from the F2F
  • Performance position from the COSMOS vis-a-vis P2P integrations - Jimmy Mohsin
  • "Facilitation of Adoption for the COSMOS DC" - Jimmy Mohsin
    • What comprises a COSMOS DC GA release package?
    • Who is the target of the COSMOS DC GA release? Is it developers? Business users? Architects? ALL of these audiences?
    • What sort of sample implementations should be included so that ALL audiences are able to see value in the COSMOS DC?
    • What sort of documentation should be included?
    • Do we list the hardware / software pre-requisites for the COSMOS DC?
    • What is our install and software upgrade approach?
    • Is there ANY linkage of all these to the SDD initiatives?
    • Will there be any sort of support?

Minutes of prior 2008 meetings

No meeting was scheduled for the January 1 holiday and the January 8 meeting was canceled

Minutes of 2007 meetings

No meeting was scheduled for December 25 due to the US holiday

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