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[[COSMOS M2 Dependencies]] and [[Talk:COSMOS M2 Dependencies|comments]]
[[COSMOS i6 dependencies]] and [[Talk:COSMOS_i6_dependencies|comments]]
== Globalization/Internationalization Requirements ==
== Globalization/Internationalization Requirements ==

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[edit] Architecture

Here is a start at the high level architecture for COSMOS.

Here are the COSMOS Use Cases we have documented so far.

Each of the major components has a wiki area at the following links:

- Data Reporting

- Data Collection and Normalization

- Management Enablement

- Resource Modeling

To better understand and comment on how COSMOS relates to other projects look here Project Relationships

[edit] Leveraging Standards

Leveraging SML

Leveraging CMDBf

Leveraging SDD

[edit] Documentation


COSMOS M2 Dependencies and comments

COSMOS i6 dependencies and comments

[edit] Globalization/Internationalization Requirements

Work In Progress. Here's some initial discussion on the mailing list http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/cosmos-dev/msg00659.html