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[[COSMOS i6 dependencies]] and [[comments|Talk:COSMOS_i6_dependencies]]
== Globalization/Internationalization Requirements ==
== Globalization/Internationalization Requirements ==

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COSMOS Project Home > COSMOS Wiki > COSMOS Documents


Here is a start at the high level architecture for COSMOS.

Here are the COSMOS Use Cases we have documented so far.

Each of the major components has a wiki area at the following links:

- Data Reporting

- Data Collection and Normalization

- Management Enablement

- Resource Modeling

To better understand and comment on how COSMOS relates to other projects look here Project Relationships

Leveraging Standards

Leveraging SML

Leveraging CMDBf

Leveraging SDD



COSMOS i6 dependencies and Talk:COSMOS_i6_dependencies

Globalization/Internationalization Requirements

Work In Progress. Here's some initial discussion on the mailing list http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/cosmos-dev/msg00659.html