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COSMOS SDK Installation

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This page provides instructions on how to install and run the COSMOS demo for i12.

Objective of the SDK

The COSMOS SDK provides the eclipse-based tooling to construct a Management Data Repository (MDR).


Download COSMOS Demo and Prerequisites

This section provides instructions for installing and running the demo program that is provided in the COSMOS i12 build.

  1. Install Tomcat 5.5.26. The directory where the Tomcat server is installed will be referred to as the <tomcat_install_dir> in this document.
  2. Download Axis2 war file for Tomcat from this page: Download the zip file for "WAR (Web Archive) Distribution".
  3. Download the BIRT project.
  4. Download DOJO.
  5. From the COSMOS download page, click on the link of the latest candidate build for i12. Download the zip file under the "COSMOS Demo" section.
  6. Unzip the demo zip file to a directory. You will see a directory called "cosmos-demo". This directory will be referred to as <cosmos-demo> in this document.
  7. If you are using the Aperi MDR, you will need to install and setup Aperi as follows:
    1. Download the Aperi Storage Resource Manager version 0.4.1 from Aperi downloads
    2. Follow the instructions at Aperi install instructions. You MUST choose Derby as your database.
    3. After successfully installing Aperi, you may wish to run some Aperi probes to populate your database with storage information (refer to the "Aperi post-installation instructions" section of the install instructions).
    4. Alternatively you can use the sample Aperi database located at <cosmos-demo>\database\Aperi. To install the sample Aperi database, replace your <aperi-installation-folder>\db folder with the contents of the <cosmos-demo>\database\Aperi folder.
    5. Note that the Aperi MDR is preconfigured to access the default Aperi derby database (at localhost and port 1527). If you have chosen another location, you will need to modify the <tomcat>\webapps\axis2\WEB-INF\services\AperiMdr\META-INF\services.xml file to change the DERBY_HOST and DERBY_PORT parameters.
    6. Before using the Aperi MDR, start the Aperi derby database. For example: type "start derby" from the <Aperi install>\db directory.

Installing COSMOS Web applications and Web Services

COSMOS comes with a program that helps install and configure the web applications and web services required for the demonstration. The install program is located at <cosmos-demo>\bin. Run configDemo.bat or to start the install program on Windows and Linux respectively. The install program assumes your <cosmos-demo> directory and the tomcat installation are on the same host.

The configDemo program accepts 5 parameters. They are:

  1. tomcatDir: Apache Tomcat install directory <tomcat_install_dir>
  2. cosmosDir: COSMOS Demo install directory <cosmos-demo>
  3. birt: path to BIRT Runtime zip file (download from step 4 above)
  4. dojo: path to dojo zip file (download from step 5 above)
  5. axis2war: (optional) Path to the axis2.war file (downloaded from step 3 above)

You will see something like the following in a successful execution of the config program.

Unzipping c:\Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.26\webapps_backup4\axis2.war to c:\
Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.26\webapps\axis2...
Installed axis2 on Apache Tomcat server.
Installed web application: COSMOSReportViewer
Installed web application: COSMOSUI
Unzipping c:\dev\ to c:\Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.26
Unzipped BIRT to COSMOSReportViewer
Copied BIRT web viewer example to COSMOSReportViewer
Unzipping c:\dev\ to c:\Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.26
Unzipped dojo to COSMOSUI.
Installed web service: AperiMdr
Installed web service: Broker
Installed web service: ExampleMdr
Installed web service: LoggingDataManager
Installed web service: ServiceFinder
Installed web service: SMLMDR
Installed web service: StatDataManager
Installed web service: TestFederatingCMDB
Copied axis jar files to COSMOSUI.
Copied axis jar files to COSMOSReportViewer.
Copied axis jar files to cosmos client.
Updated axis2.xml.
Updated services.xml for SML MDR.
Updated services.xml for statistical MDR.
Installed broker database to c:\Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.26\webapps\axis2

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