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(Configuring the COSMOS SDK)
(Download COSMOS Demo and Prerequisites)
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# Unzip Tomcat to a separate directory.
# Unzip Tomcat to a separate directory.
# Unzip Dojo to a separate directory.
# Unzip Dojo to a separate directory.
# <font color="red">Download IBM Java 1.5 as there is a known bug with Sun Java 1.5.</font>
=== Configuring the COSMOS SDK  ===
=== Configuring the COSMOS SDK  ===

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This page provides instructions on how to install and run the COSMOS demo for i12.

Objective of the SDK

The COSMOS SDK provides the eclipse-based tooling to construct a Management Data Repository (MDR).


Download COSMOS Demo and Prerequisites

This section provides instructions for installing and running the demo program that is provided in the COSMOS i12 build.

  1. Install Tomcat 5.5.26. The directory where the Tomcat server is installed will be referred to as the <tomcat_install_dir> in this document.
  2. From the COSMOS download page, click on the link of the latest candidate build for i13. Download the zip file under the "COSMOS SDK" section.
  3. Download the prerequisites for the SDK as specified on the download page (i.e.. Dojo, tomcat, axis2, wtp, eclipse, emf, xsd, and gef)
  4. Unzip Eclipse SDK to a directory along with wtp, emf, xsd, gef and the COSMOS SDK.
  5. Unzip Tomcat to a separate directory.
  6. Unzip Dojo to a separate directory.
  7. Download IBM Java 1.5 as there is a known bug with Sun Java 1.5.

Configuring the COSMOS SDK

Before creating a MDR the you must set some configuration options in the preference page.

  1. Start up eclipse.
  2. Open the preference page by selecting Windows>Preferences. In the preference dialog select "Web Services>Axis2 Preferences".
  3. Enter the axis 2 directory in the "Axis2 runtime location" text box.
  4. Next select "Server>Runtime Environments" in the preference dialog box. Here you will specify the tomcat runtime.
  5. Click the "Add..." button. Select "Apache>Apache Tomcat v5.5" and click "Next".
  6. Enter the location of the tomcat directory in the "Tomcat installation directory:" text box.
  7. Next select "System Management>Web UI Viewer" in the preference dialog box. Specify the location of the Dojo.js file in the "Dojo.xd.js URL Location" text box. Set the location of the dojo.js file that you unzipped in a specific directory. Or you can specify the AOL reference link http://o.aolcdn.com/dojo/1.1.0/dojo/dojo.xd.js. Note that this will get the dojo javascript files from the web instead of the local computer.

Once you have configured the SDK you can create a MDR by following the Constructing a Data Manager section in the development guide.