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COSMOS RelEngg Meetings

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Release Engineering Meeting

Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Release Engineering Meeting
Link to information on Wiki: COSMOS Main Page
Date & Time: Fridays, at 9:00am EST
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (877) 421.0528
Primary International Dial-in: 770-615-1258
T/L Dial-in: 421-0528
Passcode: 881103#


Email [Balan Subramanian] Phone +1 (919) 543-0197

Agenda - 15-November-07

  • Build needs from Shivvy to complete i7 e2e testing - Jimmy Mohsin
    • How does Shivvy get her hands on a build to test out i7?
    • How often will the builds be created, given that we have Thanksgiving this week?
    • Where can Shivvy find specs for setting up a machine for doing the e2e testing?
  • Status Update:


Actions from 11/8 Meeting:
1) Test and fix page problem in IE 6 - Bobby

2) Commit the page to eclipse server - Bobby

3) Create a web meeting to go over above site during next rel engg call - Bobby
4) Send a personal mail to Len, in case he is not in community mail group - Bobby
5) Explain build process to Len - Jagmit/Bobby

2007 Minutes of prior meetings

November 1, 2007 - Minutes
November 8, 2007 - Minutes

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