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COSMOS Reconciliation Taxonomy

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Reconciliation Taxonomy

Opening brief statement what this is.

Change History

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Mark Johnson 11/7/2008
  • Initial version


The terminologies/acronyms below are commonly used throughout this document. The list below defines each term regarding how it is used in this document:

Term Definition
MDR management data repository
CMDBf CMDB Federated is a specification for a CMDB that federates between multiple MDRs
federating CMDB the CMDB that federates between MDRs, offering a common access point to clients and correlating identifying record data
CMDB configuration management database
Query service MDRs make data available to Clients via a Query service. Queries may select and return items, relationships, and/or graphs containing items and relationships.


Development Process

to MJ: I can fill in some of this if you like since I can include the parts that are fixed due to the Eclipse process

I can also provide info as to where to find it in CVS

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