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Release Engineering and Build Wish List

<mdw> Since we are opening up enhancement requests, we should tie these back to use cases per our development process. I think many of these, e.g. the download site, would support the idea of the CMDBf toolkit, as an example. </mdw>

COSMOS needs to have a continuous and well-defined build process

Have a functional weekly build

  1. Process change Developers must check the daily build to ensure that it is not broken.
  2. Process change Developers must check in their code more frequently; i.e., at least weekly.
  3. Process change Developers must use the build rather than relying on CVS alone. Developers must download the build regularly and check out only their plugins rather than relying on HEAD.
  4. 215135 Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build

The download page must have a build that has ALL the components as soon as they become available.

This should be partly addressed by the actions for Have a functional weekly build. A developer will notice if their component is missing.

  1. 216169 Dependencies should be automatically be included in the build package

QA Team must be able to start testing before iteration end

  1. Process change For example, if we decide that QA will always pick up a Friday build, then developers must check in their code by EOB Wed. Any problems with that build are fixed on Thursday and QA picks it up on Friday as scheduled.

COSMOS builds must be run on the eclipse server

This requirement is key to enable all committers to kick off a build.

  1. 206374 The infrastructure is set up; we can start running the builds on the eclipse server at any time. We should start this sooner rather than later. The earlier in a release we make build changes the more time that we have to react to the breakages that aren't expected but always occur.
  2. 216499 We need to document the build completely so that all committers know how to start a build manually.
  3. 216650 We need more disk quota.

COSMOS needs to be packaged according to adoption scenarios

  1. Define the use cases separated by roles (so that we know who needs what).
    1. Need roles for the Data Collection component.
    2. Need roles for the Data Visualization component.
    3. Read first attempt to define these roles for the Resource Modeling component.
  2. The code must be refactored so that the build can package the code the way that we think that a consumer intends to use it.
    1. Need to refactor the code for the Data Collection component as per its roles TBD above.
    2. Need to refactor the code for the Data Visualization component as per its roles TBD above.
    3. 215357 215355 Resource Modeling bugzillas for refactoring
  3. 214774 209998 Fix other bugzillas for refactoring
  4. Involve the build team in helping with feature definition to enable an UpdateManager install.
  5. 216653 Create an update manager site for COSMOS

Generate reports and notifications of problems with the build

  1. 216591 Build "fire alarm" notification email
  2. 210263 Fix the copyright reporting tool
  3. 216630 Detect missing about.html and other files required by legal
  4. 216654 Detect use of internal API owned by non-COSMOS projects
  5. Done Post list of the defects that are fixed in a build
  6. Done Process change Developers must specify the bug number in the CVS comments during check-in. This number is used to generate the list of defects that are fixed in a build.
  7. 216655 Generate Javadoc for milestone drivers
  8. 216656 Build Verification Test (BVT), a.k.a. JUnits, results posted next to the build download link

We need agreement on the RE team's responsibilities

The COSMOS May 2007 F2F had the following discussion [[1] RE Responsibilities]


COSMOS Release Engineering and Build

Bugs opened for the Build component

Build Packaging for COSMOS

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